There was a time when the younger generation use to spend on nightlife, shopping & clubbing as that was the way for them to live the life to the fullest.Post covid things have changed with the focus being on life’s basic need food, clothing & shelter. Covid made all of us know the need for a home. Millennials are people born between 1981 and 1996, and in a young country like India, that is a lot of people. Millennials constitute as much as 34% (or 440 million) of India’s overall population, making them the largest single generation in the country.

AMT Ventures has teamed up with launch and strategic partner Houzbay to launch their new project "Kadamba" in the foothills of Nandi Hills in North Bengaluru.The partnership is meant for AMT Ventures' 55-acre dream project, "Kadamba" Estate Plots & Farm Villas, right in the foothills of Nandi Hills, North Bengaluru.The founding members of AMT Ventures, Mr. Amit, Mr. Mahesh, and Mr. Tarun, believes in creating properties that blend elegant designs with top-notch functionality and mentioned that AMT would redefine luxury living with their upcoming projects in Bengaluru and Goa.